Hot Rod Power Tour 25th Anniversary

Just drive: My favorite road trips of the New ’10s

A driver’s license is a wonderful thing. It’s like a library card: it can take you places you never dreamed. One day, you’re out getting groceries without needing a ride. The next, you’re on a big road trip for the adventure of a lifetime.

For me, my driving adventures began the moment I left my local Enterprise counter in late August of 2018. It was then I piloted a 2018 Nissan Sentra SV through the West Virginia Turnpike to Louisville, the place I’ve twice called home, to drop off one painting, while picking up the art I left behind.

Since then, I’ve taken more than a few long drives, logging some 8,500 miles over the final year and a half of the New ’10s. Here are my favorite drives and experiences I’ve enjoyed along the way.

Hot Rod Power Tour 25th Anniversary

Hot Rod Power Tour 25th Anniversary

In early June of 2019, I learned the Hot Rod Power Tour would be making its first-ever stop at Martinsville Speedway in Martinsville, Virginia, as part of its 25th anniversary celebration.

Following a quick pitch to one of my editors, plus a lucky break at my Enterprise counter, I threaded the fat needle that was my black 2019 Dodge Challenger R/T through the winding roads between my Old Dominion home and “The Paperclip” to spend a few hours among the hottest rides around.

This was my first time at a major NASCAR circuit, and the first time I ever walked upon any race track. I’ve no words to describe the experience, other than to say the only thing that would top that was a magical drive upon one. I certainly would love to tackle the Power Tour in the 2020s.

Carolina Panthers v. Seattle Seahawks

Carolina Panthers v. Seattle Seahawks

I’ve attended many sporting events over the years, including plenty of Seattle Sounders FC, and Louisville City FC matches. I even watched the University of Kansas Jayhawks fall to the Villanova Wildcats at the 2016 NCAA Elite 8 in Louisville.

One of the big outings I haven’t had a chance to attend was an NFL game. When I lived the Seattle area, I was only able to visit CenturyLink Field during Sounders matches, as the Seahawks had won the Super Bowl in 2014; thus, tickets were really expensive.

On Thanksgiving weekend in 2018, I was finally able to fix all of those problems through a drive down to Bank of America Stadium in downtown Charlotte. The ‘Hawks beat the Panthers 30 to 27 that day, an experience that won’t be topped any time soon.

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