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Throwback: Mecum Louisville 2019

On a warm late September morning, I rang in my 41st year of life by rolling up to the Kentucky Exposition Center in South Louisville. Nearly two months prior, the parking lot was occupied with tons of street rods, muscle cars, wild trucks, and more.

On this day, though, the parking lot was quiet. No V8s rumbling outside the doors of Freedom Hall. No flashy paint schemes covering every inch of asphalt and concrete available. Just a few signs welcoming bidders to the action inside.

Whether you’re a Corvette or a bidder looking for one, Mecum rolls out their famous red carpet to one and all. Everyone attending could check out a few of the rides set for the block upon stepping through the yellow columns, plus explore a few of the vendors hanging out on either side.

From there, bidders worked their way to their seats, ready to drop a few thousand on the right car.

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