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Throwback: Mecum Louisville 2019

Once seated in the bleachers and folding chairs, bidders and spectators got an eyeful of collectible rides and road art crossing the red-and-black auction block. Workers clad in black Mecum tees with black nitrile gloves pushed each lot forward, while those in blue 303 shirts touched up the paint before the NBCSN cameras captured their essence.

And behind each lot, the auctioneers pumped up the bidding, while ringmen connected the competing bidders to the rapid-fire madness on the other side.

Once the gavel met the sound block, each lot either received the coveted “Mecum Sold” black-and-yellow sticker, or the not-so-coveted “The Bid Goes On… ” black-and-white label. From there, the lots were either driven back to their respective sides of the expo center floor, or towed there.

Meanwhile, bidders and spectators wandered around the floor to check out the lots waiting for their turn in the spotlight, as well as those which have already enjoyed their 90 seconds in the sun. There were even a few drawn in by the sound of roaring Hemi V8s at the far end of the floor.

Dodge’s Dodge Garage was at Mecum Louisville 2019 to give one and all a ride in either a Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody, or a Charger SRT Hellcat. Groups took a ride the Charger, while individuals (including yours truly) took shotgun in the Challenger.

From there, it was a 90-second thrill ride around the cones in the parking lot behind the expo center, the cars’ supercharged Hemi V8s roaring to Valhalla under the cover of burning rubber.

After the ride pulled back inside, everyone picked up their free T-shirt, and went back to the action on the block.

Speaking of, here are a few of my favorites from the Mecum Louisville 2019 auction.

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