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Throwback: Mecum Louisville 2019

1984 Chevrolet Corvette

This ’84 Corvette was just one of many C4-era ‘Vettes to roll down the block in Louisville. The 1984 model year began in January 1983 for the then-new generation of America’s sports car, concluding 17 months later in June of 1984.

The new car was to have hit the line as early as 1982 for the 1983 model year, but someone at GM decided on a targa top instead of T-tops, as originally planned. Thus, the new car had to be re-engineered to accommodate the lack of a center roof section, delaying the launch until 1983.

I took a personal interest in the C4-era cars, wondering how much they would go for now that C3-era prices are on the rise. This one found a new home for just under $10,000, while some received the “Mecum Sold” sticker for around $15,000.

1977 Toyota Land Cruiser

This FJ-40 was the only Land Cruiser around at the auction. The fully restored off-roader stunned more than a few bidders, including the winner, who paid $27,500 to take this machine off the beaten path.

1963 Studebaker Avanti

South Bend, Indiana is mainly known for the Fighting Irish of the University of Notre Dame. For the first half or so of the 20th century, though, it was also known for Studebaker, one of a handful of automakers residing outside of Detroit.

By the Sixties, though, Studebaker was on its last legs. The Avanti was one of its last cars, and it’s a stunner unlike any other. The ’63 model year was the last year for the company’s grand tourer, having smashed 29 records on the salt flats of Bonneville to take the title of “World’s Fastest Production Car.”

This example was driven everywhere over the course of five-plus decades, racking up 68,000 miles on its 289 V8. It’ll likely rack up a few more with its new owner, too.

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