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Throwback: NSRA Street Rod Nationals 50th Anniversary

A Note from the Highway: The following story was originally told on the Chilton DIY Blog last year, before the blog was lost in a major update. The words aren’t the same as they were originally written; nothing to copy and paste, after all.

As nearly everything is still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, though, I figured it would be a fine time to again look back on a day when things were right on the Highway.

Back in 2012, I was first introduced to the National Street Rod Association and its annual Street Rod Nationals through my local NPR affiliate in Louisville. I was an intern at the time, and a press pass had been sent their way.

Knowing I was into cars, the news staff asked me if I wanted it. I said yes, and thus was the first time I checked out this extravaganza of street rods at the Kentucky Exposition Center.

While nothing was published of the first visit, the second visit in 2013 gave me a slideshow for Louisville Magazine’s

Then, life took me all over the place, far away from those colorful, powerful machines.

Six years later, I would be reunited with them for a special milestone: the 50th anniversary of the Street Rod Nationals.

All I had do was drive eight hours west from my Old Dominion home to my old Old Kentucky home.

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