NSRA Street Rod Nationals 2020: Defying the COVID-19 Spectre

When life hands you lemons, turn them to grenades

“At some point in time, we gotta start getting back to normal,” said Rowlett. “We gotta start doing things. While I understand that COVID is a serious issue, and there’s things we gotta be concerned with, at the same time, we can’t just stop […] For us, getting out with cars is a fun thing to do […] I enjoy seeing the people here. They’re having a good time […] the enthusiasm level has not changed.”

The rest of the NSRA 2020 schedule is up in the air as of this writing. Two events were cancelled after the Nationals due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and while the rest are still a go at this time, the future is not written.

Yet, for a brief moment in time, all was well. Perhaps they will be more so in 2021, when the Nationals return to Louisville on those magical first days in August once more.

Photos: Aubernon Highway/Cameron Aubernon

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