SEMA360 コロナ2020の年: Lost in the virtual plaza

One of the biggest happenings for any auto enthusiast is the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

For one week in early November, thousands of industry professionals gather from around the country and all over the globe to show off their latest and greatest. From new products to insane builds, it’s practically a big party for the aftermarket (and that’s before hitting the casinos at the end of each day).

Not this year, though.

SEMA did its best despite the odds, but couldn’t overthrow the crown of pestilence placed upon Nevada.

Thus, it pulled together a new, virtual event: SEMA360.

Hopes and expectations were high for this experiment. After all, every other major automotive show disappeared into 2021. If SEMA could pull it off in the virtual plaza, perhaps it could establish a template for all shows in the future.

Alas, the desert sun cannot be replaced.

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