2021 Mazda CX-5 Signature: A ruby in the dark

Every trip is adventure with mo powa, babeh

There’s nothing like driving the CX-5 Signature from the Roadhouse to the main road below the hill. As soon as it was clear, I let it all hang out on the way to the speed limit. The acceleration, the sound of the turbo, the sound of the inline-four, all filled my heart with happiness, even if my destination was the laundromat.

Speaking of laundry, I didn’t have to fold down the rear seats on the CX-5, as I had with the CX-9 Signature reviewed back in the summer. Thus, plenty of room to load my laundry with no more effort than using the key fob to open the hatch, then push the button to let it come down on its own.

Parking the crossover was easy, too, especially with the 360-degree parking assist to guide me into the tighter spaces.

Finally, though I only drove 72 miles in the week the CX-5 stayed at the Roadhouse, I managed around 23 mpg; estimated fuel economy is 22 city, 27 highway, 24 combined.

In closing

I said the CX-9 Signature was one of my favorite crossovers. I can add the CX-5 Signature among them. It’s the right size for most. It has the performance pedigree earned at Sebring, Daytona and Laguna Seca. And it’s has all the right touches to light up anyone’s day, something we all need right now.

Photos by Cameron Aubernon for Aubernon Highway

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