2021 Toyota GR Supra 3.0 Premium: Fast, Furious, and Useful

A couple of years ago, a name emerged from the winds of history: Supra.

Before leaving the material world behind in 2002, the Supra spent four generations developing a reputation for being one of the most iconic sports cars the world had ever seen.

Yet, it would be the first film in the Fast and Furious franchise that would catapult the Toyota into legendary status, when an orange ’94 Supra imprinted its soul upon moviegoers and car fans everywhere.

Around two decades after the film, BMW needed a reason to continue building the Z4. Toyota, meanwhile, looked for a way to bring back the Supra name, this time on a design based on concepts dating back to 2007’s FT-HS.

The result? The GR Supra.

A couple of years after driving one for the first time at the WAPA Rally, I got to spend an entire week with the GR Supra 3.0 Premium in my Old Dominion home. No visits to the mystical “Mexico” with the Toyota for me, though.

Instead, I took it grocery shopping.

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