2021 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy: The Writing is on the Road

Modern Calligraphy for the Open Road

This was my first sim-racing rig. I bought it as part of my journey into iRacing through the Lemons iRacing League.

However, it wasn’t the most comfortable place to race. And once I had a different setup, it was taking up too much space in my home.

As fate would have it, the broadcaster of the Lemons iRacing League events, Ryan Bauer, introduced me to an organization whose mission involved rehabilitation of U.S. and Canadian military veterans via motorsport: Operation Motorsport.

One of the ways the organization helps rehabilitate veterans is through the donation of sim-racing gear, so that they can enjoy virtual track days.

After getting in contact with one of the organizers, I rolled up to their home in Maryland with the old rig riding upon the folded third row.

The Palisade Calligraphy more than left its signature upon the road, whether it was to help my mom with the groceries, or the aforementioned trip to Maryland. The V6 with all-wheel drive delivers 19 mpg in the city, 24 on the highway. With all of the driving I did during the week, I landed upon an average of 25 mpg.

However, I found myself in a scary situation while shooting the Hyundai. While seated in the second row, with the engine off but the electronics still on, I tried to open the door to get out to get back to the front.

The door didn’t open.

Attempts to unlock the door saw the locks re-lock themselves, no matter how many times I tried.

The only way out then was to go to the third row, push one of the buttons to fold down part of the bench, then slide out the rear hatch.

May that have only been with the copy I tested.

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